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January 17th, 10AM: 

I remember the words that came out of my Neuro surgeons mouth with some relief...

"We got the Brain tumor out entirely (A Miracle) and you'll start feeling a lot better but in the pathology testing of it we found out you have a primary Lung Cancer Tumor, so the Brain Tumor was a "metastases"... a satellite tumor... What I'm trying to say" He said nervously with a sad look on his face is "You have an Incurable Stage 4 Lung Cancer with an aggressive Mutation (EGFR)".

He then made the mistake of telling me I have 3 to 5 years to live... 

… As if hearing "Brain Tumor" wasn't enough. I did appreciate that I now had all the facts, even if it was difficult to hear. 

So, being a stubborn warrior at heart with 3 little kids, at 38 years young, I began to research and take every anti-cancer supplement and read every book I could find.

My Journey: 

First, I started juicing 3x a day. Then I adopted the Alkaline Diet for Cancer by Robert Young which as promised lead to me shedding all excess fats and acids (dead weight) to the tune of some 25 lbs in a month to a lean and strong resting weight of 185lbs

I started hiking, juicing more better juices, made a rainbow salad every day, jumped on the mini trampoline for 30 minutes a day, went in my new mini tent sized Infrared Sauna for 30 mins at 2x daily, (That thing rocks!) was drinking some 2 to 6 L of hyper mineralized and alkaline water... Totally sweating and peeing my way back to health. 

I made 6 fresh, organic, green and berry juices daily and read everything I could find on the subject of juicing and building a body that would heal and thrive.

I learned that the very best diet is the Alkaline diet with a Pescatarian spin only lean seafood if I ever ate meat. However, I know you can get the full amino acid profile from hemp hearts so why even eat any mean?

Each day I was amazed at how quickly my life force, stamina, and vitality was roaring back... Soon, to my surprise, I was stronger than I had been in several years.

I recommend The Book "Radical Remission" It's full of Stage 4 cases being totally reversed and cured in fairly short periods of time.

I was excited for this chapter of my life but there was no room for errors, delays or half attempting it. This was an exercise in total commitment. Something few get to experience. I was grateful for this. This challenge would require a complete commitment to total healing, anything less was a sure ticket out of here. 

A Shot Gun approach worked at first taking every anti cancer supplement I could find and I started feeling better.

However, as time went on I spent so much money and time on stuff that wasn't nearly as effective as Jane McClelland's protocols and plans as outlined in in her book "Starve Your Cancer and Kill it with Ferroptosis". She had stage 4 Cancer in the 90's and after about 2 years developing her own protocol remains cancer free to this day. A Mom, she even had a child while going through her Cancer journey. 

In this book she explains that Cancer is a metabolic disorder stemming from over consumption, toxicity, acidity and a low metabolism among other things.

Personally, I have come to believe it is many things, but mostly erroneous ways of living coming out in scary ways. 

And... The Achilles Heal of Cancer:

Cancer cells eat 10x the Iron of a normal cell (which is why so many cancer patients are Anemic.)

Aha! They not only have a weakness in their voracious consumption (Which is why so many Cancer patients fade away... as the Cancer eats all their food...) but the very thing that causes us to weaken and die from Cancer is key to a Siege Warfare campaign known professionally as "Death By Iron", aka "Ferroptosis"

I can do this! Starve it. Kill it. Repeat until its gone. Strategy. Siege Warfare! I know all about that. I've got this. 

Robert Young's book The PH Miracle For Cancer gave me my life back in just 21 Days by following his 21 day plan with military discipline. 

By the end of the 3 weeks I was out hiking 21k with some shortness of breath but no sign of the lung distress that I was experiencing just a few short weeks prior.

I later learned that the symptoms I was experiencing before my brain operation were Palliative and the Docs thought I only had a few months! I can't tell you how good it feels to prove them wrong. I can't tell you how good it feels to be physically unstoppable, yes, even with a tumor in my lungs still to this day. 

Here is the MRI from January showing the huge 2.5x 3.5 Primary mother ship and hundreds to thousands of smaller tumors: 

The Lung Primary and hundreds to thousands of smaller tumors.

As of this posting my body is clear or some 80% of the active cancer cells and there is no sign of it ever gaining a hold on me again. 

80+ % in Remission!

Above: Note the yellow circled bone metastases but where did the Lung Tumors go? This is me 80+ % in Remission! 

Here is a Story:

About 2 months after my Brain surgery I was out running the trails near my condo and ran into my Neuro surgeon who clearly did not recognize me.

All he could say was "How is this Possible!" As he realized I was the mostly dead brain tumor patient he was cutting into just 2 months before! 


So if you think it will help you to learn from my experiences and would like to speak with me directly please send me an email. My consultations are by donation because I believe we already have so many things we have to deal with and I want you to only pay what you think this hour is worth to you and not a penny more. I do need to keep paying for my own treatment plan so everything does help! 

Here is a Preview of what we will discuss:

Through this journey I have come to look at Cancer as Siege Warfare, a topic I was obsessed with in high school. Jane likens it to the Piccadilly Circus at night.

To each our own, find what works for you. I learned if you want to defeat a well equipped and fortified enemy you simply block all access to resources and starve them out. Then when they are weakest, fire bomb them from above with everything you can. 

The enemy, no matter how strong, will either surrender or be weakened enough that when hell is unleashed in the form of high dose Oxidant therapies it is truly effective, even for the most late stage Cancers.

Ferroptosis or "Death By Iron" uses Cancers appetite for consuming 10x the Iron of a normal cell as its weakness. When those iron filled cells are weak and starved then exposed to a large dose of Pro Oxidants, they oxidize, rust and die, just how exposed Iron rusts and crumbles. 

Like London at night,  One would just need a few roadblocks in the form of drugs and supplements and Cancer stops the madness completely.

In Cancers case, block its primary and secondary food sources and it will stop growing, reverse the mutations, and nourish the body, mind and soul and the reasons for it existing will disappear, and so will the Cancer.

If you can stop its growth you can kill it. Every time, with every case. 

I will also gladly show you what to do to regain your mind, vitality and warrior spirit.

This war is first won or lost in the mind! Decide today to fully heal and than I will be in your corner every step of the way to make sure that happens if that is what you want.  

The bulk of my research has been focused (since deciding this is Seige Warfare) on the best way to lay siege to this disease and the most effective ways to cause the Cancer cells to Aptosis (die).

I am almost 1 year into my own 2 year total cure plan. It takes time to undue and heal decades of abuse. 

Currently, I am executing a Starve and Weaken protocol, followed by a Death By Iron (Ferroptosis) protocol as written about in Jane's book. I know it works, it is worth it, because I feel it!

I will share with you the best recipes and anti cancer meal plans so you will have the strength to heal. 

See, Cancer Cells are voracious consumers. Some could argue they are the creation of an over indulgent modern society and I have to agree!

Cancer Cells eat 10x the resources of a normal cell. They are cheap and rude dates, seeking the most abundant, cheap fuel available starting with Glucose. They take and give nothing back (Sound familiar?) 

Which brings me to a key point: You, in your heart of hearts know full well what caused this disease. So lets figure that out and remove all obstacles to fully healing. If it is too difficult to do on your own, ask for help. Ask for Divine Intervention even! Actually, start there... 

I like to think of the primary tumor as the Mothership in Independence Day.

Give it a Cold and take down the mother ship and all of the secondary Tumors simply power down. Piss the mother ship off and all of the secondary tumors get agitated and aggressive.

Approaching your treatment with anything less than a proven battle plan is a terrible idea and may cause your satellite tumors to freak out and grow like crazy as they seek new cheap fuel sources. 

In summary, have a solid plan and take massive action! I am here to help along with our group of Cancer Warriors at the Facebook group "Cancer Survivors and Help" and Jane and her amazing team have years of research built up and easily searchable at "Jane McClelland's Off Label Drugs for Cancer" Facebook group. 

The anxiety around Time is very real.

A Free and no obligation consultation is a start on your journey to total health and livelihood. I am here to help, here to talk. 

Start feeling great today! Not when you are fully healed. When you engage with I am a fellow Cancer Warrior that is battle hardened and extremely motivated and knowledgeable you add power to your healing like nothing else does. 

Where possible I will set you up with referrals to Practitioners and Oncologists where needed that truly want to see you  healed and Thriving. 

Write us to Book a Consult Today! The suggested fee of $333 for 1.5hrs goes 100% to my own protocol costs so thank you for helping me along this journey!

Please send an email to with "Consultation" in the Subject Line. Kindly and thoughtfully answer the following questions in an email:

1. What is your official diagnosis? 

2. How Long do you want to Live? 

3. What have you been doing to heal?

4 . How are you doing? Feeling?  

5. What would you like to get out of a consultation to feel it was a success?

6. Why do you think this disease happened to you?


With Gratitude for your Warrior Spirit!

Yours in Complete Healing, Matt Bennett