My Healing Journey

My Healing Journey

Wow, It has been nearly a year! I could never have imagined all of this would happen and that I would be feeling so great today.
Sure, I am a little broken, a lot humbled but I feel stronger in every way and totally unstoppable:
My Year: 
  • January 17th, 2021, I was rushed to the Rockyview Hospital in an Ambulance with stroke-like symptoms. The right side of my body was completely offline and I could not stand without help. 
  • The next morning, January 18th the Neuro Surgeon team successfully removed a 2.5x3.5cm tumor from my left parietal lobe in my brain.
Post Op: (Should I ask if Elon Musk has a brain chip for that space?)

They got it all, the black space is just air! I am amazed, they somehow got in and out without causing any damage, a miracle in its own way.

I had slight numbness and tingling in my right leg for weeks after but that was nothing compared to what I was experiencing before my hospital visit. 

  • The Alkaline Diet for Cancer by Robert Young made so much sense to me. I began eating a variety of Alkaline, chlorophyll rich foods, and drinking up to 6 green chlorophyll rich juices and anti-oxidant loaded juices daily.
  • Anti oxidants are so important between pro oxidant kill phases so I would load up on berry juices and super potent anti oxidants and powdered drinks.

It was overwhelming to think of the task ahead of me. There was so much to be done but I could begin to feel my life force returning, especially my mind. 

One thing I noticed, which I don't mind sharing, is how quickly destructive relationships began to fall away as my mental capacity and strength returned.

Perhaps some people can reclaim their own strength from this story.

I was able to see that I was being mistreated by several people close to me, and with my new mental, emotional strength and absolute resolve to heal I was no longer putting up with anything but the best from the people close to me. 

  • 1 Month post operation radiation, 6 rounds of Stereostatic radiation was used to kill any residual cancer cells in the cavity left behind where the brain Tumor was. They also radiated two small spots you can see on the picture before they became a problem.
The Stereostatic!  
  • I was told to add Niacimide and pro oxidants (Avoid all anti oxidants) during this 2 weeks radiation to give the pro oxidant radiation therapy a chance to really work and kill the brain tumor cells. 
  • Why? You don't don't want anti oxidants to rescue the dying cancer cells!
  • My brain recovered very quickly with the help of hyperbaric oxygen treatments and high dose IV Vitamin C followed by Glutathione injections. I could not remember a time I felt this good. 
  • After every hyperbaric oxygen treatment I felt like the Hulk! I highly recommend this for any brain issues! They say 10 treatments heals all brain problems. 
  • Be sure to do Hyperbaric with Niacin or Niacimide as you want blood to flow to every capillary of your body, especially those hard to reach brain cells. 
  • I began to see several ND's each with their own specialty to round out my team. I stuck with two that I resonated with and who were interested in assisting my total cure ambitions and could help source the drugs I needed. Strange how this was beginning to look a lot like Dallas Buyers Club. 
  • I had no idea that there was a Naturopathic Oncologist in Calgary so that was my first consultation. How cool! AND he specialized in Oncology. 
  • The ND Oncologist had a technology that was the only one in Canada called "Oncothermia" which is an amazing machine that heats the cancer cells up to the point that they don't recover while your normal cells are invigorated. This was expensive, some $450 per treatment, but I combined with my IV Vitamin C Treatments to make the absolute most of it. 
  • In around April I found Jane McLellands book Starve Your Cancer and Kill it with Ferroptosis. Digging in I learned that cancer can be starved just like any enemy, and began to treat cancer like siege warfare.
  • Surround it, Stop it from spreading, Starve it, Kill it, Repeat until it is gone. 
  • I had all the motivation and discipline going into this new protocol. What a wonderful story Jane has, go and get a copy of her latest version today and read it! 
  • Jane is a Cancer Warrior that would not accept her terminal 6 month diagnosis. She was just newly married, mid 30's and had her whole life ahead of her. Her story is deeply touching, a God send, and so inspiring. Jane if you are reading this you are my hero! 
Note, Janes Website and Course is highly recommended: Here at $99 it is an absolute must have resource. 
  • The more I dialed Janes protocol and made it my own the better and stronger I felt. 
  • I never knew the kind of motivation I had within me until I began to stick with the program with no deviations and saw massive results. 
Jane was saving my life. Tears rolled down my face so many times as I began to feel the disease lose its grip on my mid 30's body.  
  • With my strength up I would increase The Fire Bombing part of the campaign, I started 3x weekly 60 a dose of 100 Grams of IV Vitamin C. Now I use 100 Grams every time. I takes me out for a day or two but I recover extremely fast and the Cancer cells simply do not. 
  • Straight into the IV Bag I added Artesunate, 240mg (Twice the upper limit most ND's are comfortable with), a derivative of Artemisinin Annua (a potent anti cancer herb) and in the morning I took Doxycycline 100mg and Azithromycin 240mg, Atorvastatin 40mg, Metformin 500mg, Berberine 500mg, and Fasted all night not eating past 4 the night before to ensure the Cancer cells were the weakest they could be going into the battle.
  • Fasting until after the IV Treatment and only drink coconut water during was difficult but essential. Why give the cancer cells ANY strength
  • Quantum Tech: I was given a Photon Genie a brilliant healing technology created which I used twice daily, a miraculous machine by Ed Skilling Institute. It is one of my secret weapons and I'd be happy to hook anyone up to a  treatment if they are in Southern Alberta, (an $~80 Value per hour)
  • Ultra Hydrate! I drank up to 6 liters of mineral electrolyte, rich anti oxidant rich, alkaline water from my drip purifier. Making the water was time consuming... What I would give for Kanjen
  • Sweating my way to health, Amazon had a great compact tent style infrared Sauna that would cause me to sweat up to an inch of in the bottom. 
  • Turning my fluids over daily was renewing every cell in my body while feeding the new cells on the best purest nutrient rich fluids and foods. 
  • I added several herbs and supplements and off label drugs, including Low Dose Naltrexone, Mistletoe injections where needed, and Doxycycline, Mebendazole + Fenbendazole with DMSO, CBD and THC, Send me an email at and I'll gladly add you to our collaborative group where we discuss these remedies. 
  • Moving to Merritt BC to live near the family farm and be out in the country and fresh air I hooked into an ND Clinic in Kamloops where I began Hyperbaric Oxygen with a goal of healing my brain entirely, I also added Niacin 100mg, Lions Mane some 6 Grams/Day to ensure neuro plasticity and regeneration. 
  • Hyper Load with anti-oxidants wherever possible then avoid during kill phases where pro-oxidants are key. 
  • Studying like crazy I would refine the Starve + Kill Phases. I was walking some 7km down to the Clinic and back every day. It was a steep climb up Sahali hill in Kamloops but the exercise was so worth it! Cardio and Yoga are the enemies of Cancer. 
  • It took some doing (Our medieval medical system is to blame here) but I was able to organize and source the repurposed cancer starving drugs and started taking the entire gamut, pulsing on/off those that didn't play nicely together and ensuring that my body and the cancer tumors wouldn't develop a tolerance. 
  • This required a daily battle plan which I will share with you if needed. 
  • My health began to take off as the Cancer started to weaken and starve. I would fire bomb it all summer every week for 3 days working my way to a total of with 100 grams IV Vitamin C + 240mg of Artesunate via IV. These two together initiate Ferroptosis, or Death by Iron. This is cancers Achilles heal and covered at great lengths in Janes book. 
  • Basically, Cancer Cells contain 10x the iron of a normal cell so they are prone to destruction when exposed to Oxygen. In fact, Cancer cells have adapted to Thrive in low oxygen conditions where our bodies do not. This is not a disease you simply want to sleep off!
  • I moved to a farm in BC in June, leaving behind the heartache of a painful breakup from my girlfriend of 1.5 years who decided this was all too much for her. I needed a BC Summer! 
  • Being on the farm was amazing, I immediately planted all of the vegetables I was juicing daily and began to harvest wild game, fish, and berries wherever I could. Being in the sun and digging around in the dirt does wonders for healing. 
  • Unfortunately my finances continued to spiral downward as I had been unable to work since October and I was forced to sell the house that my ex wife and 3 kids were living in. The Banks cared not what I was going through or dealing with but they certainly had no problem charging huge fees to force the sale of the home! 
  • We had many weekend bonfires on the farm. These were good for the soul. I was somewhat isolated though, living in a small 500sq foot Cabin by a little creek. It was cozy, but totally cut off. I would begin my true healing here by sitting next to a fire I made on the beach by my cabin until the early morning hours playing with my Guitar until my thumb got bloody and looking up at the stars while laying on the hot summer sand by a fire. 
  • I did Wim Hoff breath work and cold dips in the creek as often as I could. It was a Hot summer! It got to 42 degrees Celsius! The only relief was being in the Creek all day. 
  • I began to run out of money so I couldn't keep up with my protocol and that set me back huge until I had a major Neuro episode in November where half my body went offline for 3 days. The lesson being, once on something works, do not change it. I felt like I nearly died in that attack and truly I probably did!
  • On the mend and better organized I am refining my protocol and plan and will post that on this website very soon. In the mean time subscribe to my newsletter and you'll be the first to hear, get discount codes, etc
  • Join our FB Group, Cancer Survivors and Help.
  • Sticking to my diet and getting as much exercise as I could I lost a bunch of weight as the Cancer got slightly worse before it got better. Do not skip a pill on this protocol. It nearly cost me my life! 
  • I was able to refine the Ferroptosis protocol and criteria into a checklist which I'd be happy to share. 
  • My brain us now back online but there is still some slight tingling in my right leg. I suspect that may be partly due to the metastases in my right hip. Tomorrow I will look up how to best treat bone metastases, brain mets and share what I learn. 
  • Remember, You can heal. Start today! Take the steps, take massive action. I am on your team as are so many others in the group. We look forward to serving this community.
         Much Love, Matt Alive