Cuando en Colombia, My Ayahuasca Story

Cuando en Colombia, My Ayahuasca Story

When a long time friend invites you to the last Ayahuasca ceremony for a 109 year old Shaman in Colombia what do you do? 

It was Monday and I had to be there by Friday. I had wanted to participate in Ayahuasca for some time now and before I knew it I was booking tickets. This was the opportunity of a lifetime and they only had two spaces left so I told my brother and he agreed to come along.

We would fly out on Wednesday to be there for the Friday evening when preparation for the ceremonies all weekend would begin. 

To have the oldest Taita in the world guide me through one of the most ancient medicines on the planet. Ayahuasca or as the locals call it, Yagé was a true honor.

I had heard many good things about healing with Ayahuasca and by some magic, here I was, at the Gates of Transformation.  


We arrived on Thursday and made our way to my buddy's place in Medellin, Colombia. It was a long 12 hours of travel so we rested up for the morning. 

The first thing we did in the morning was go and find Juice. We located a fresh juice bar and ordered a few fresh juices. It was so rich and vibrant! 

Fresh Juice in Madellín

We were able to get an uber to the farm where the Ayahuasca ceremony was. Driving way up into the hills behind Medellin we could see the city lights below as we winded our way through Jungle roads and arrived. 

The gates had a large Jaguar painted on them. The Taita's spirit animal is a Jaguar so we knew we had arrived. 

Jaguar Gates

Already feeling the night chill I wished I had brought more layers or a Poncho and not gave all of mine away in Canada. Eventually finding a pile of Blankets I snagged a couple and found my spot and my purge bucket for the night. 

A Pile of Blankets

We gathered around the fire until dark sharing stories and meeting the others. There were close to 30 people here as this was the Great Taita Carubean's birthday ceremony! He was turning 109 and allegedly drinks Yagé every day. 

Fire Gathering

What a treat to be here. Everyone was in high spirits, some had done this many times before and many were new to it like me. Most spoke Spanish so we used google translator where needed.

The medical doctor was introduced as someone that would help if we needed medical attention putting my mind at ease. The other shamans and helpers were also introduced, one of them was the Governor of the area. 

I met many expats and travelers, all on their own healing journeys. Several of them swore by the healing benefits of what I was about to participate in. 

We would start at midnight. They fed us a light supper of local cuisine and we waited until midnight. 

The music got louder as the Men first lined up to get their Potion. We were given about 1 ounce of Ayahuasca. It was bitter sweet tasting, like the medicine my herbalist uncle used to give me. 

I drank it down and went out by the fire. Then I had a sudden urge to go to the bathroom so I went into the stall, as I sat down the urge to purge came flying out and into my bucket that we took wherever we went.

There was a lot of emotion around the purge and this is also when the visuals started.

Fractals and sacred geometry infused with brilliant colors. I was on my way. Only thing is it came on harder than I expected.

I went out by the fire because I felt very cold and tried to warm up. I began to feel very thirsty so I asked the Doctor for Coconut Water, or any water. She said I was fine and just needed to be with the medicine. I remembered I had lots of fluids not long ago so truly it was just my anxieties for crossing into the healing realm I was experiencing. 

The Doctor came and sat next to me and talked me through the most intense climb into the psychedelics' world I have ever experienced. With her soft sweet voice she said "Is the Medicine working" to which I replied "Yes". "Are you in the Infinite Place yet?" To which I replied "Yes" She tucked the blanket around me and I moved closer to the fire. Knowing I was well on my way the fire was a source of comfort as this reality began to dissolve into the fire. 

The music as played by the Shamans was a great source of comfort. Very soothing to the soul, the soul of a wanderer. 

The Taita's Wife and Spirit Ayahuasca

I experienced an entity I now call "Grandmother Willow" which an artist so perfectly captured at the ceremony site. She was everywhere and in my mind. She had the persona of an old tree, was this Mother Ayahuasca that I had heard so much about? I think so. 

She asked me many questions with a sense of delight since this was her first time meeting me.

Where am I from? Where did that scar come from? How did I get here? Do I have children? I took her through every detail of my life right up to me being there and she wisely just took it all in. I felt seen and heard and comforted by this energy. 

My own mother had recently passed away and this entity very much had a welcome embrace.

She told me I was meant to help many people heal. That this happened to me so I could experience my own true power and learn Gratitude. 

She communicated that I had work to do on a global scale, but must do it at 3rd world prices to reach the masses. She asked me to teach people of the Jungle to heal using the knowledge I gained from healing myself.

They have Yagé, but they need other help, other medicines and herbs too. The world needs inexpensive solutions to great and vast problems. 

"Grandmother Willow" showed me how her world is being harmed by Humans and the effect it has on every living thing. It was like scene after scene out of fern gully.

She asked me why the Cattle roam in the Jungle? She asked me why we harvest old growth trees when there are less precious alternatives. She asked me why the clearing of so much land for Cattle when they are an inferior food? She was sad and impatient and seemed tired of it all. Humans being the Cancer of the Earth.

She wished to talk with one of us that would truly listen. She saw in me that I am not like them. She commended me for healing by choosing a plant based lifestyle and herbs consuming only what I need. She said if I bring first world ideas to third world countries at 3rd world prices I would have all the money I need to run the campaign to heal the world. She said the world needed a drastic consciousness shift and they have been trying through Ayahuasca and mushrooms as well as other plant medicines since before we first dropped the destructive nukes on ourselves.

The Spirit of the Forest

There was a time when man lived in harmony and balance with nature, she was deeply saddened that time was so long ago. 

It felt like an entire jungle of plants and creatures was looking to me to save them. All while having sympathy for the healing I still needed to do.

She agreed to heal me and that from that day I would be free of this disease. I thanked her as the medicine began to wear off and sat with the energies for a time before I wrapped myself in a couple blankets and found my Bed. 

What was that? I felt the weight of the world. I felt like I was the only one that was told this. Of course there are many others, but I felt like it all came down to me... I was deeply humbled as I realized it all comes down to each of us, all our decisions if we live or die, or thrive or not. 

What a gift. What a time to be Alive!

The next morning we were awakened by the steady increasing tempo of the shamans music. They played soft lullaby music while we slept it off until the sun came up. The roosters let us know it was time to arise into a new day. 

We were given a hearty and vibrant fresh breakfast of fruit, cakes and warm beverages before we headed on a walk to a waterfall nearby. 


The walk through the jungle was about 30 minutes along a small creek. At the end was a raging water fall that all of us attempted to climb and failed. It was cold but not too cold and so refreshing. We all enjoyed this water, it felt so cleansing and cool and refreshing to an overloaded sensory system.


Back at the grounds we were greeted with a fruit and veggie based lunch, all we could eat and we all ate all we could. This work takes a lot of energy. We hung out and got to know one another exchanging languages until the evening. The Shamans explained that tonight we would be given a much stronger dose of honey based concentrated Yage but we could drink the same we had last night if we wished. I was willing to try this new brew. 

It was sweet and rich and kicked in to high gear much quicker. No time for anxiety or resisting. 

The Colors of The Wind, Acrylic on Balsa Wood, by Matt Bennett. Print's and Original available. 

This time I was taken through everything about me that lead me to be sick and what I needed to let go of to heal. One by one I energetically discarded each item until the need to purge boiled up within me. This time I didn't have time to reach the bathroom, this purge would be in front of everyone else that was purging and all of us seemed to be.

I realized then and there we are loved and supported no matter what we are dealing with. We do not need to be ashamed of our state, of the healing taking place within us and the ways it manifests physically. We must be the eye of the storm.

We are going to feel sick, we are going to puke, be angry, rage. Our brothers and sisters are in for it all. We are in all of this all the time all together.

The tears rolled down my face as I saw how we are all connected and how we all care so much.

Our collective power to Love and care for every living thing is the most powerful force on the earth. As Stewards of the land we have been given this great gift of life so we can serve each other in our capacities, with our skills and talents and keep the earth clean as we keep our bodies clean. 

This is our Home. We are given these bio mechanical earth suits to navigate and feel our way through our world not so we can consume it and destroy it, so we can set it free. Liberate the sick and afflicted and be One with nature, One with each other.

As Terence McKenna says, "This is what it's like when a species prepares for hyperspace". 

Everyone of us has a part to play in healing the world and liberating all of us from it as it slowly loses its time. There will certainly be an end to our sun and so there will certainly be an end to this world.

We have the ability to travel in space and terraform other planets to be teeming with life and travel amongst the stars to preserve our ways and our flora and fauna. We were seeded here at some point and we will seed ourselves again in a far away solar system at another point. Only we need to see eachother as One and the same and work as One.

The work of each of us is crucial to be purpose filled, mindful, of what allows us to live and Thrive. Every Living thing is at our mercy. What a vision! 

The Path, Acrylic on Canvas by Matt Bennett

"The Path" Acrylic on Canvas, By Matt Bennett. The Original piece and prints are available on demand. 

This is my Ayahuasca story. I truly feel like it was exactly what I needed to finalize my healing and turn my cells onto a new path forward to helping the world heal. By my example others will follow until we reach everyone that can be reached. It is up to us now. 

Matt Alive.